Saturday, May 25, 2013

Epic (2013)

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Epic (2013)

Date seen: 25 May 2013
Rated PG, 102 mins
IMDB User Rating: 6.7
Metascore: 52/100 (User Score: 6.6)
Tomatometer: 63% Fresh (Audience: 67%)

Movie Notebook Score: 9.25/10
Recommendation: A - Highly Recommended for children.
Grade: GT - Watch if you want to have a Good Time

Epic (2013) starts off poised as an elegant tale with excellently drawn characters and setting. The visuals are rich and astounding as well as the sequences. However, the film fails to achieve hanging curtains to hide its predictability. Nevertheless, the morals and lovely characters lifts the movie to a status comparable to its sister films like Ice Age (2002) and Rio (2011).

After watching this film:
You'll be reminded that what is good always prevails.

For your consideration:

  • Character Design
  • Animated Feature of the Year
  • Sound
  • Animated Effects

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